About Us

Welcome to your very own Treasure Chat NEWS! Breaking treasure news, stories from the field, articles on treasure plus much more. If it’s happening, you’ll read it here.

Treasure Chat NEWS is a 24/7 live News/Media outlet dedicated exclusively to treasure hunting in all its amazing forms. Regardless if your treasure is gold, coins, relics, rings, buckles, buttons, bottles or the countless other wonderous things we all chase on land and sea, this site is dedicated to you.

Here, you’ll see the latest stories on who’s finding what, where and how. You’ll also have access to the latest breaking news regarding treasure finds from around the country hot off the press as they hit the major news networks and are shared here.

Product Reviews. If you’re wondering how a certain product performs, then our new Product Review section is for you. Here, we’ll put the latest metal detectors, accessories, Drones, Fishing Magnets and everything gold through its paces. Sluices, high bankers, pans, dolly pots, picks, crevicing tools you name it, we’ll have one of our experts in the field testing it and telling you exactly how it stands up. Then, after we’re finished, we’re giving it away in competitions throughout the year. Watch this space!

We’re always looking for experienced people in the field to join our review team? Email us at treasurechat@detectingdownunder.com.au and let us know what your specialty is – detectors, gold, gems, bottles etc and let’s talk!

Treasure Kids

Treasure Kids is our tribute to our next generation of Treasure Hunters. Lots of smiling faces and great finds from all the kids who follow in mum or dads’ footsteps chasing treasure. So, grab a drink, sit back, relax and enjoy the hunts and adventure …!

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